Elk Hunting in Colorado

There is nothing quite as exciting as heading out to an elk camp in the Rocky Mountains in the fall.  Going deep into the wilderness, far away from civilization, escaping cell phones, the stress of work, or any of life’s other pressures, and being one with the wilderness is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.  Whether they chase elk in the fall, trout in the summer, or just getting out there any time of year.  The lure of elk hunting for me is that it gets me deep into the remote wilderness, far from civilization, experiencing life on my own in an environment that is truly amazing, and unforgiving.   Observing elk behavior is a passion of mine, and the experience of being alone in the most rugged and wild places of Colorado is something that fuels my life.  The experiences I have had over the past 30 years gave me the knowledge and insight to write what I write on this forum.

But for the first time in 30 years I may not be taking that trek into elk country this fall, either to hunt or to guide, and that has me feeling rather sad.  I have had problems with my back for a long time, since a short-lived attempt at rodeo left me with three broken vertebrae and three ruptured discs a long time ago.  After two surgeries on my back, it seems that the problems are returning, as the surgeon predicted.

I had a ct scan yesterday to see what is going on, and hopefully I will find out the results in a few days.  If that disc at L3 is not ruptured, then at least I hope to guide for the second rifle season this year.  I already know the disc is bulging, the ct scan I had two years ago told me that.  But I know for sure that I won’t be there to help Sable Mountain Outfitters this week for the first rifle season, and the whole situation is disappointing.

I am hoping that I can work the second rifle season,to be up there in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, and to be with Ann Marie, the owner of Sable Mountain Outfitters, and a dear friend.  I just have to wait now, to see what the results are of my ct scan, but I want to go any ways, it kills me not to be there now.

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