Devastation from Hurricane Sandy

Disaster preparedness is something we all overlook.  We take for granted that nothing will happen to us, and that we’ll always live our daily lives just like we did the day before.  I wish I could have talked to a lot of people in the northeastern part of the US who thought that way, there are still a lot of people without power, food, water, and heat.  What a nightmare those people must be going through.

I didn’t intend for this website to be about survival, but it has kind of taken that direction a little bit lately.  I consider myself an expert at wilderness survival, in fact I am more confident surviving in the wilderness than I am trying to survive in my own home.  What I have learned in the past few months about urban survival is actually kind of scary to me.  While I can prepare all I want, it may come down to a physical confrontation with someone that I may have to kill just to protect what I have, and I don’t like that thought.  I hope it never comes to that with our society, but there are a lot of people who think that it will, which is sad.

But my intent is to inform people of how to survive any situation, and to urge you to prepare yourselves.  I can’t stress enough the need to be prepared, it is a very simple thing to do if you approach it a step at a time.  Forget about the apocalyptic event for a minute, and think about the simple things that may happen; like a big snow storm that cuts you off from going to the grocery store, or a hurricane, or a tornado, or a flood.  Any of these things can happen to most of us, and aside from the initial devastation, how will you deal with what comes next?  Do you have food, water, and personal needs to survive for a few days?

It’s really easier than you think to prepare for these potential events, as long as you have the awareness that it could happen to you.  I can give you a list of things to have on hand, that wouldn’t be news to anyone.  The fact is that you have to take some action now to be prepared, not wait until an event happens.  Do something as simple as stocking your shelves with canned goods that will last a couple of years.  You can  turn

Turning dead space into usable space

previously unusable space in your house, such as a crawl space, into a storage space very easily and at little cost.  It is simple to build some shelves and stock them with the same items you use everyday to feed your family.   The key is to be aware of what could happen, and prepare for it.  Don’t think that you will always be able to feed your baby when the shelves at the grocery store empty in a matter of hours because an impending event.