Muzzle Loader Rifle

Muzzle Loader Rifle Hunting

Hunting with a muzzle loader is a unique challenge.  For me, hunting with primitive weapons (bow and muzzle loader) is a much greater challenge than shooting an animal from 400 yards away.  My biggest elk was a monster 6×6 bull taken at 7 yards with my bow.  He came crashing in to my cow call on a frosty morning in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, he didn’t even know I was there when the arrow hit him straight through his heart.  But I digress; this post is about muzzle loaders.

My tip for today is for those who hunt with a muzzle loader.  Often times the primitive weapon seasons are in the fall, and sighting in your muzzle loader occurs when the temperatures are warmer than they may be in the later hunting seasons.  A muzzle loader has much more iron mass than a modern rifle, and is therefore affected more by colder temperatures.  So if you are hunting later in the winter than when you sighted in your muzzle loader, it really pays off to make an extra trip to the range when the temperatures are cold to make sure your gun is shooting accurately in the colder weather.