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Today’s Tip:  Winter Survival Shelter

If you are caught out overnight in the winter time, it is extremely important to keep yourself dry and warm.  This is a situation where shelter takes priority over food and water, and your first priority should be to find or construct a shelter. You need a shelter that keeps the wind, snow and rain out.

Select a site that is dry and has as little snow as possible, unless you are looking to build a shelter under the snow-covered branches of a tree, on the lee side.  Look for higher ground and a flat location, with lots of trees.  An area like this will give protection from direct wind and snow, as well as a good supply of material for shelter building.

If there is no higher ground available, be sure to build a floor of pine boughs or other material, even flat rocks.  It is not a good idea to stay in a shelter that has become waterlogged or damp, you will be miserable, if you survive.

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      It is the down wind side. For example, if the wind blows predominately from the north, snow is going to build up on the south side of a tree.