Blackout in New York Nov 2012

Blackout in New York Nov 2012

Today’s Tip:  Survival in a Blackout

While we hear and read about things everyday where people face survival conditions; whether from hurricane Sandy, where people are still struggling, or the snow storms blanketing our Midwest right now, when do we actually take the time to think about “What if that happened to me?”  I read today about a woman in Iowa that died in a snow storm after her car got stuck, that is so sad.

It is crucial that we spend some time to think about these things, because someday it will happen to you.  It has happened to me several times; in my own home during massive snow storms, on the road in blizzards, and in the wilderness on hunting trips.

This is a lengthy topic, so let’s just start with a simple situation; what would you do if you were without power for a week or two.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Can you cook without electricity?
  • Can you get fresh, potable drinking water? Remember that the water company may be without power as well and won’t be able to pump water to your house.
  • Will your house be livable without electricity? Can it be sufficiently heated in the winter or will it be too hot in the summer?
  • Can you protect your family and what you have from those who are unprepared and needy? Since police protection depends on electricity, the rule of  law will likely fail within a few days. People will get desperate or will seize this as an opportunity to take what you have.
  • Are you physically fit enough to do what you need to do to make it during that kind of trial?
  • Do you have the supplies and gear that you’ll need to survive? There will be no running down to the store to pick up groceries, etc.  (I do offer survival kits at here).
  • Do you have the skills that will be required to survive? The internet won’t be available so you cannot look up how to do something.

When you hear about these almost-daily occurrences, take time to think about it and how it would affect you if you were in that situation.  I always say that preparedness is the key to survival, but if we never take the time out of our busy lives to think about it, when will we ever act on it?  And what are the consequences of that inaction?