Cooking with IronFrying Pan

During my many years in the field, whether it be the plains or the mountains, camp cooking is always something to be considered as a gift of knowledge, something that has been passed down from generations.  The ability to cook up whatever the game may be is a skill that all outdoorsmen should know.  Sometimes a spit over the fire is the right choice for a rabbit or squirrel. Sometimes it’s a fish wrapped in foil placed in the coals.  But you can never go wrong with a cast iron skillet.

Yes, they are heavy, so not for any backpackers, but a cast iron frying pan with a 3” depth is about the best thing you can own for cooking just about anything there is to be cooked.   Using a cast iron pan is unique in that you never wash the pan, you simply wipe it out.  The iron is porous, and the pan absorbs what it is given, and over time it becomes like Teflon, nothing sticks to it.