A Shed White Tail Antler

Today’s Tip:  Hunting for Shed Deer Antlers

Hunting for shed deer antlers can make you a better hunter by giving you a good idea of what bucks inhabit the land you hunt, and where they spend their time.

Depending on latitude, white tails will shed their antlers from January through April.  A buck can survive without antlers at this time of year because they don’t need to fight off other bucks for territory and does.

The entire shedding process takes about two to three weeks to complete, and the re-growth phase takes place over the summer and into early fall. Look in the thick shrubs and trees for sheds. Bucks love cover and the thick brush can knock off a loose antler leaving it for you to find.  Many sheds are also found anywhere a buck has to jump. A ditch or fence crossing can offer a shed antler that has been jolted loose.  Be sure to check the south facing ridges for sheds as deer frequent these areas in early spring to soak up the sun.