My New Truck

My New Truck

This was a big day for my future outdoor adventures; I bought a new truck today!  For anyone who owns a truck, you understand the excitement.  For me, I have had pickup trucks for most of my life; it is such a great vehicle for outdoor pursuits.  I started with a Ford Ranger, then a Toyota SR5, then a Ford F150, then a Ford F350 diesel.  A few years ago I sold that F350 when diesel was over $5 a gallon, and I bought a Chevy Avalanche.

I liked the Avalanche for many new reasons than I had before about having a truck, like the covered bed and expanding the bed into the cab with the fold down wall between the cab and the bed.  It is a good vehicle, and I liked having that truck.  I always thought that would be a great vehicle to have if I were in a remote place and needed to fold down that cab wall and sleep inside of it, but that never happened, I am usually nowhere near my truck in those situations.

While the Avalanche was a good truck, it wasn’t a traditional pickup truck that I was used to having, and when I was ice fishing on Monday I thought to myself that I missed having a conventional pickup truck.  So after some research, and a very good sales team at the dealer where I bought my Avalanche, I came home tonight with a nice Silverado 2500 HD crew cab truck, and I love it!  I can’t wait to take it out to the mountains tomorrow.  We are supposed to get some snow here, so that will be a great time to get used to the new truck.

Call me sentimental or whatever you want, but for me, saying goodbye to a trusted vehicle is always hard.  I know it’s just a piece of metal, wires, cloth, rubber, leather, and whatever else, but a vehicle has a personality, at least to me.  The Avalanche served me well.

Now I start my new relationship with the Silverado 2500, and our honeymoon is splendid so far.  It was dark by the time we completed all the paperwork at the dealership, so tomorrow will be my real first day with the new truck.  I have already ordered new floor mats and some other accessories, it’s already uniquely mine.  Here’s to many years of outdoor adventures!