People Shoveling Snow in Boston

Survival in a Massive Snow Storm

In the northeast part of our country there are thousands of people once again without power, and this time buried in their homes by snow.  It wasn’t that long ago that Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on many of these same people.  As of tonight there are over a half million people without power, and for some this could last for days.  So far at least five deaths have been attributed to this storm, including an 11 year old boy who died from carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in a running car while his father shoveled snow.  What a tragedy.

I have written many posts about survival, both wilderness and urban, and every time I hear about an event like this, it makes me wonder how prepared people are.  It saddens me that anyone dies in a snow storm, and it makes me want to write even more about the importance of being prepared.  It is so simple to be prepared, and that’s all it really is; having what you need and knowing how to use it.

Whether you are in your home or in your vehicle, you should always be prepared.  I bought a new truck last night, and when I cleaned out my Avalanche Truck, which had storage compartments built into the side walls of the bed, and storage underneath the back seat, I had four boxes worth of survival gear in that truck.  I am talking about four boxes, 12”x20”x16” full of survival gear like tarps, emergency blankets, water, freeze dried and canned food, cooking and eating implements, rope, twine, knives, and a lot of other stuff.  I had enough stuff in that Avalanche to support four people for a week.

I realize that might be a bit too much, but now that I have my new truck, I will be re-thinking all of that as I decide what to carry at all times in that truck.  I don’t have the side wall compartments on this truck, so unless I get a bed box like I had in my F350, I am going to have to cut way down on the amount of cargo that I keep in the truck.  And that will be fine, it’s a good exercise for me to go through and identify exactly what things I need.

Here is what I am going to keep in my truck at all times:

·         2 gallons of water

·         6’x8’ tarp

·         50’ of ¾” rope

·         100’ of paracord

·         Tow strap

·         Guardian Two Person Deluxe Survival Kit

·         Basic Tool Kit – wrenches, sockets and driver, screw drivers, electrical tape, pliers

·         Esbit Solid Fuel Cook Set

·         Knives – a Hogue Large Tactical Fixed Blade, Meyerco Blackie’s Classic, and Victorinox Serrated Spartan

·         Gerber Strata Multi-Tool

·         ESEE Modular Fire Starter Kit

·         Battery powered lantern

·         Compass

·         Tin foil

·         Toilet paper

·         Trail marking tape

I think I can fit all of that stuff into my truck’s interior; most of these items don’t take up much space.  I’ll find a way.  You can find most all of these products on my website at .

The point is to be prepared, at home or on the road.  Don’t become a statistic.