Kyle Making a Snow Shoe

We Can Always Learn Something New

Tonight I was at a banquet to kick off the spring lacrosse season for my son Kyle’s high school team.  I love those events, seeing all the kids I have known for so long who are now young men, talking with the many parents that I have come to know over the years.  But it was kind of sad because this is his last season playing in high school, so I want to make the most of every lacrosse event and game for the next few months until it is over.  He will be playing in college in the fall, but I won’t have the chance to have this same kind of involvement, I’m going to miss that.

What surprised me at the banquet tonight was that a few parents came up to me to talk to me about my website and my outdoor interests (I posted an ad for my website on the lacrosse website this year).  This one man who was Kyle’s coach before high school I have known for seven years, and I had no idea he had an interest in fly fishing.  He said he has


Kyle with Lacrosse Stick

had a fly rod for several years, but never really knew how to get into the sport.  Another parent who I have known for three years said he really liked my website and that he and his family were really into collecting knives and learning survival skills.  Another parent, a single mom, said that she always wanted to get her kids into outdoor activities, especially camping and fishing, but she had no idea where to start, and she was somewhat afraid of ever trying it, so she never did.  Tonight she asked me if I would be willing to teach her some things.

All of this was very encouraging to me, to know that there are people out there who want to learn from me.  When I first started this business I thought about offering guiding and teaching services, but I didn’t do that because I wasn’t sure what the interest level might be, or whether I would have the time to fulfill any requests that came my way.  I am re-thinking that now.

I love to teach people what I know, and I have been told I am pretty good at it.  Well, when it comes to outdoor things like survival skills and fly fishing, it’s pretty evident whether I am successful or not by witnessing the resulting actions of my students, and I would have to agree that I am good at teaching what I know to people.

I was enthused after the banquet, excited about exploring that possibility again, and I am going to put some serious thought into offerring my skills to people.  I definitely want to take Mark (Kyle’s former coach) out and teach him some things about fly fishing; that man gave a lot of his time and devotion teaching my son, so it’s the least I can do for him.  And I am going to follow up with that mom, to help her out and teach her what she needs to know to feel confident enough to take her boys on a camping trip, which hopefully will lead to further interest by her boys, and by her.

Tonight made me realize two additional things:  I am not reaching the right people, and I am not offering the right products, so I have a lot of work to do in those areas.  In regards to the products, I do a lot of research on products and pricing, and I have so many to add to my site, but that always seems to take a back seat to my writing, so I need to change that.  I always welcome suggestions from my readers about product ideas, or even a specific product they may have seen and want to know if I can get a better price, I usually can, so please tell me.


Woman Camping

As far as reaching the right people, if you are reading this then I have reached you obviously, but that doesn’t mean I am reaching all the people I want to reach.  But reaching all of the right people is a challenge, and I could use your help with that.  This website isn’t just for hunters and fishermen; it’s for people who love the outdoors.  Please share this website with all of your friends if they have an interest in the outdoors.

For topics, I always welcome suggestions about what you would like me to write about.  Recently I opened up that subject and had a few readers give me ideas about something they wanted to know more about, and I wrote about those topics.  Even as I am writing this I had a request come in to write something about how to process an animal (when I say “process” I mean skinning and butchering).  Thanks for that suggestion Larry! Maybe that will be tomorrow’s topic.

Everything continues to evolve it seems, and that’s good.  I want to get my website, my writing, and my offerings aligned with what my audience wants and needs.  I guess it starts with the little things, like helping a single mom get her family into the outdoors