Sage and Kyle at Camp

Camping in the Mountains

I had a great weekend camping in the mountains with my son Kyle and his friend Sage.  The weather was beautiful, with only a little rain.  Sage had never been camping before, and I always enjoy getting people outdoors for their first time.  Sage is recovering from an accident several months ago, and he couldn’t get around much, but there was plenty to do around camp, and we had a good time.

We got out of town at 2:30 on Friday and headed to Pike National Forest; to a spot that I have camped at a few times, a place that I knew would be good for Sage’s mobility challenges.  We arrived after a two hour drive to a secluded place next to a small stream.  Kyle and I unloaded the truck, set up the tents, and then I set up the kitchen and started dinner while Kyle cut firewood.

There isn’t a whole lot to write about from this trip, it was pretty laid back.  We did some shooting (Sage had never shot a gun before either), practiced some survival skills, and spent some quality time together.

I made a few videos, but I am still figuring out this new camera so the sound isn’t good, and unfortunately I can’t find that out until I get home and play the video on my computer.  Oh well.  There’s a video of me making char cloth, which is used to catch a spark from flint and steel to start a fire, and another video of me starting a fire with flint and steel.  The last video is Kyle splitting firewood.

The videos are here:

Making Char Cloth

Starting a Fire

Kyle Splitting Wood

I took some good pictures of our camp and the surrounding area, you can see those below. [nggallery id=22]We had a good time, and Buddy was only annoying for the first few hours before he settled down.  Any time I get the chance to spend time with my teenage boy is a treat for me, and to introduce the outdoors to another young man is a bonus.