Shooting My New Hoyt Charger

Shooting My New Bow

I got out to shoot my bow over the past couple of days, and it is sweet!  It shoots the arrows so fast I can’t even see them in flight, unlike with my old bow where I could watch the arrows fly and hit the target.  Yesterday I went to Bear Creek Lake where they have an archery range, and I set my target at 10 yards to begin with to see where my first sight pin would put an arrow.  To my amazement, my first grouping of four arrows all hit within the 8 inch target.  After adjusting my sight pin a little bit, I was getting a good grouping of less than 4 inches, and then I moved the target out to 20 yards.  I was consistently hitting the bull’s eye circle (3 inches) at 20 yards in no time.  I can’t believe how accurate that bow is.

A storm was coming in and the wind was starting to gust, so I decided to call it a day.  I had a good time at the range and met some nice people.  There were a lot of teenage girls shooting long bows, and I talked with some of them for a while.  They said the movie “Hunger Games” got them interested in shooting a bow, and I thought that was great!  They said they have never hunted but wanted to, they just didn’t know anyone who could teach them.  I told them a little about what I do and gave out a few business cards.  I told them I could teach them how to hunt if they were serious about it.  I guess we’ll see if they take me up on that.  I couldn’t set up my video camera at the range because there were people on both sides of me shooting, but I did get one of the girls to take a picture of me shooting.


My First Grouping

Today I decided to head into the Pike National Forest so I could set up my video camera and take some video of me shooting.  The videos came out good, they are at the bottom of this post.  There isn’t much to see really, just me shooting, but it’s kind of cool.  The target was 20 yards away, and you can hear the arrows hitting the target almost instantly after I released the arrows.  After feeling comfortable at 20 yards, I moved back to 30 yards and found that I was pretty accurate using my same sight pin, I just had to aim a little high.  I need to shoot some more to decide where I want to set my second pin, probably at 40 yards, and I’ll only use those two, at least for this season.

I didn’t get to shoot as long as I wanted to today; storms were brewing overhead as you can see in the videos.  After a while the clouds opened up, dumping huge drops of very cold rain in heavy sheets, and then hail.  I was soaked before I could get my raincoat on, and decided to head home.  I got in quite a bit of shooting though, and I really like my new bow.  I still need to practice a lot more before hunting in September, but I am quite pleased with how well I am shooting after only two days.

The area I was shooting at today was partially burned from the Hayman fire 11 years ago, you can see in the pictures below how the land is still recovering from that fire.  It was beautiful though, and I enjoyed my time in the mountains.  I will be going back there again soon.

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Shooting My Bow 1

Shooting My Bow 2

Shooting My Bow 3

Shooting My Bow 4

2 Responses to “Shooting My New Bow”

  1. Larry DeRemus


    If you don’t have room to store your old bow I would be glad to store it here for you….just saying…

    I have my Steel Force 150 pound crossbow…getting too old to cock it. Need to get a cocker.

    • admin

      I do have a place for my old bow, and for the bow older than that, and I only wish my grandson lived closer so I could teach him with those someday. Who knows, he is way too young now, and maybe we’ll end up closer in the future. Jessica is having a girl in late August, I’m glad that she is close by. I want to be a grandpa!