Bass Fishing with Colorless Baits The technology these days to create realistic looking fishing lures is pretty amazing, and the prices of fishing lures is equally astonishing.  I was looking through a Bass Pro Shops catalog the other day, and there are pages after pages of lures painted with the most realistic patterns of baitfish […]

Bass Fishing with Shallow CrankBaits As summer burns on here in Colorado, both figuratively and literally, largemouth bass fishing is heating up as well, and it’s one of my favorite times to go after the big brutes.  One of my favorite techniques is casting shallow running crankbaits in productive areas and feeling a big bass […]

Summer Bass Fishing Tactics After having such a great day of fishing yesterday, I thought I would share some tactics that I used to have such success on a hot summer day.  While I attribute much of my good day to the moon phase yesterday, there were also some things to figure out for me […]

Fishing with Poppers It’s hard to believe that here in Colorado it seems like we skipped from winter straight to summer.  But that’s OK with me, this past weekend temperatures were in the low 80’s every day, and I went fishing every day.  The big reservoir just south of my house was full of boaters, […]