Spring Turkey Hunting A while ago I got an email from Cash Hogsett, the Manager at Birds & Bucks, a hunting club in Colorado, about a turkey hunt in Nebraska on 10,000 acres of private land, including lodging.  It sounded incredible, and after weeks of anticipation, my spring turkey hunt in Nebraska has come and […]

  Turkey Hunting Calls  As I sit here and watch the snow pile up tonight on what is expected to be the worst snow storm so far this year here in Colorado, I know that my hopes of going scouting for spring turkey hunting tomorrow are doused by the blizzard swirling on the other side […]

I Finally Got a Gobbler! Well, I didn’t, but that was the subject of an email I received this morning from a good friend of mine, Rob Bean.  I was so happy for Rob, his first turkey!  Last fall he got his first deer, and now his first turkey, I wish I could have been […]