Custom Knives

I started this website as a place to review and recommend hunting and survival gear as a start, then see where it goes after that.  I have reviews for a few products to begin with, like the survival knife, survival matches, tinder dust, a fire starter, a candle lantern, and a few others.  My target audience is beginning hunters and outdoors people who come to Colorado, I want to teach them some basic things they need to have when they experience the wilderness here, or any where else.  I have put a lot of time into all of that, but my desire for making things has kind of overtaken the initial game plan.

I really like making things, and for the past couple of years I started making custom hunting knives and general use knives.  I get better with each one, and some of my recent products are very nice, so I decided to see if the public might be interested in purchasing them.  But I am not sure how I feel about that.  Each knife takes much more time than any profit I would realize, I tend to be a perfectionist with my work, and I always wonder if something I make is going to be good enough for someone to buy.  After a lot of encouragement from friends, I decided to go ahead and put a knife for sale on my site, and I am working on a few others.Custom Hunting Knife

It’s kind of hard for me to put so much effort into making a custom knife only to sell it.  It takes hours and I pay attention to every detail.  But I have a ton of knives in my home, way more than I will ever use, so I guess I should share my talent with the rest of the world.

On September 1st I attended my grandson’s Baptism, and I wasn’t sure what I should give as a gift, it was the first time I attended one.  I did some research on typical gifts, and none of them seemed very practical.  Neither was my gift, but I decided to make a knife for Ryan, knowing that he wouldn’t even be able to hold it for years to come, but it would be something that he would always have that was genuinely from me, a gift that said something about his grandpa.  I was a little worried what people would think of it, being such an unconventional Baptism gift, but I did it any way, and everyone loved it.  I also wrote a note to Ryan about the knife; it was a replication of a Green River knife that was popular during the fur trade era, and I wrote about how I wished I could have experienced that, and why that knife was special to me.

Hopefully Ryan will grow up to be an outdoorsman like me, and someday he will cherish that knife as a gift from Grandpa.