There are a lot of religious zealots talking these days about the end of times, and that it is going to happen this weekend, or soon after.  While I am not going to talk about religious preferences, the implications of these discussions are a bit disturbing to me.  I have always felt that I am prepared for any contingency; I have supplies, I have alternative methods to cook, I have a ton of water, I have non-perishable food, first aide, guns and ammunition, I have the knowledge to survive.  But all of this talk about a violent end of the world has me thinking, do I really have what I need to survive?

Of course I have what I need if I were in the wilderness, but this theory of a post-apocalyptic scenario is a bit frightening.  I have done a lot of reading and research about that type of survival situation, but I have always given it less attention because I figured (and hoped) that it would never happen in my lifetime.  I don’t have a bunker in my back yard, but if there were no toxic effects, I do believe that I have what I need to survive beyond that.  My garage is like a grocery store of gear, for any situation, except nuclear devastation.  Some say nucular, I say nuclear, they mean the same thing.

But why would a nuclear missile hit Denver?  I can totally see one targeted for Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, which is the underground brain center of NORAD (North America Aero Defense Command), our primary defense against such attacks for all of North America.  In my seven years in the Air Force I worked for NORAD and the inter-continental-ballistic-missile (ICBM) defense program, which was basically satellites detecting  missile launches from around the world.  That was a long time ago, but the concept remains the same; to prevent ICBM’s from hitting the United States.  I have been out of the Air Force for 23 years now, and I can only imagine that the technology and defense mechanisms have greatly improved since then.  Why should I worry about a nuclear attack?

So I ask myself, should I really have to worry about that type of survival situation, where the earth is devastated by a nuclear war, World War III?  Back in the days when nuclear warfare was a big concern, the thought was that World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones, and that would be true if things really did fail from a defense standpoint.

The truth is, I am not prepared for a toxic war, but if I am still here with all that I have today, I can survive Armageddon, because according to the Bible (loosely interpreted) that means only the heathens will be left on earth to fight for themselves, and I can do that, assuming that I am left behind.