Late Season Elk Hunting Tips I’m not sure what is going on with Facebook where I post my daily tips, but something isn’t working right.  Actually I would prefer my tips to come from here anyway, but I can’t ignore the power of social media.  While the people at Facebook figure out what their problem is, […]

  As I am preparing things for our trip to Kansas for the Thanks Giving week, I can’t help thinking in my mind that this will be my first Thanks Giving without my mother.  While I have come to the realization that she is gone, it seems like the Holidays bring up those memories again, […]

Disaster preparedness is something we all overlook.  We take for granted that nothing will happen to us, and that we’ll always live our daily lives just like we did the day before.  I wish I could have talked to a lot of people in the northeastern part of the US who thought that way, there […]

Bug Out Bag (BOB for short) With the recent disaster in the northeast United States, with winter approaching, and for those who believe in the Mayan calendar saying the world is going to end on December 21st of this year, the need for preparedness is evident.  I talk about preparedness a lot in my posts, primarily […]