Deer Feeding Before a Storm

Today’s Tip:  Deer Hunting and Storms

As mentioned in an earlier post, animals can sense an oncoming storm, and this is especially important to know during the fall and winter big game seasons.  When chimney smoke leans towards the ground and fallen leaves are spiraling around in the air, a winter storm is likely on its way.

Deer don’t eat in a downpour or in driving snow, so they like to fill their stomachs before hunkering down for a storm.  With the advanced weather predicting technology available today, it should not be hard to time your hunt based on an incoming storm.

If the storm will start in the afternoon, expect deer to feed late into the morning.  If the storm will come in at night, expect the deer to be feeding heavily early in the afternoon.  If it is a particularly large storm, especially with a lot of snow predicted, you can count on feeding activity at almost any time ahead of the storm.

While the thought of increased deer activity is exciting, use extra caution when getting into your hunting area as the deer may be in places that you would not normally expect them to be, either on their way to or from feeding at times you wouldn’t expect.

If you hunt from a stand which was carefully placed based on prevailing winds, keep in mind that the winds will be coming from different directions ahead of a storm, and that stand may not be your best choice.  In situations like this a portable ground blind is extremely useful as it can be easily moved based on changing conditions.