Ice Fishing Here it is the last day in January and I realized that I haven’t written a thing yet about ice fishing.  Ice fishing is one of my favorite winter time activities, especially here in Colorado where a sunny day can be quite pleasant on a frozen lake.  In fact the first winter I […]

Winter Camping Tips III This winter has been pretty mild in Colorado, even though we had a blast of cold weather yesterday that dumped up to 4 feet of snow in some places in the mountains.  It can be quite tempting to plan a trip and get out on a nice day when it’s 50 […]

Pheasant Hunting January 2013 Today was a great day of pheasant hunting!  I drove to an area southeast of Kiowa, Co, through the high plains and rolling hills topped with pine trees as the day’s first light burned off a heavy fog that hung low to the ground.  The sun hadn’t broken the horizon yet, […]

Survival Skills – Fire Starting Of all of the survival skills that I write about, being able to start a fire is very high on the list of what you should learn how to do.  Some of the other skills are more intuitive than fire starting, like building a shelter or finding direction, but in […]

Hunting with Horses II I wrote an earlier post about horses, and aside from my love of horses and riding them, they are a crucial part of back country hunts for me and many others.  I prefer to hunt in designated wilderness areas, which are large tracts of land that are federally protected so that they […]