Wild Turkey Tom

Hunting Wild Turkey

Decoys are a great way to distract turkeys coming into a call.  I have found a few different combinations that work; only hen decoys, a single hen and a jake, and some robotic gobbler decoys are excellent.

Be sure to position the decoys where you will have a good open shot when the tom gets to them, making sure that you don’t obstruct any shooting lanes by your position over the spread.  Try to anticipate all of the various approach avenues a tom may take so that you don’t find yourself in a bad position for a shot or give your position away.

As mentioned in an earlier post, don’t wear anything red, white, or blue when turkey hunting, especially a bandana around your neck.  These are the colors of a tom’s head, and you can obviously see the safety hazard with that.  Also, when carrying decoys to and from your hunting spot, be sure they are clearly flagged with flourescent orange surveyor’s tape, the same kind you keep in your hunting gear or survival gear for marking trails.