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Gun Control

This is a bit of an unscheduled post, inspired by a video which I will include the link to below.  I try to stay away from the controversial issues about the things that are related to the activities that I talk about on this site, but I am not going to do that anymore.  I believe it has gotten a bit out of control, and it is time that people start realizing what is going on.  The only problem is that my website reaches only a small population, and those people that I do reach generally already agree with me and my other readers about this topic.  So if you are a regular reader and agree with my point of view, please pass this on to all of your friends who are not outdoors people, this topic is about our freedom.

But still, I am going to make an effort to get the word out.  I know I have converted many non-hunting people into understanding the importance of hunting, simply by explaining that hunting is not just about killing animals, it is all about management of our natural resources.  Of course guns are used in hunting, so there is a large overlap in the two topics.  And even bow hunters like me will have the same general thoughts about guns.  But as I said, this is not about hunting, it is about the freedom to defend ourselves, either from criminals, or from the government that we have created.

There are many other things in our lives that kill more humans than guns, but it’s the tragic events of mass shootings that bring gun control into the human spotlight, rather than the true cause behind the actions.  Guns and the availability of ammunition or large capacity magazines are not the reasons that these tragedies occur, it’s because of the persons who decided to go out and commit these horrific acts.  And because of those monsters people believe that we should take away my right to defend myself and my family?  Or as you will see in this video that a woman who was authorized to carry a concealed weapon could not carry that weapon because she was on a college campus, and she couldn’t defend herself against a man that raped her, and later murdered another woman.

In 1996 I did volunteer work for an organization that was attempting to get concealed carry laws passed in Colorado.  I was introduced to a woman leading this effort, a woman who had been brutally raped twice right here in Denver.  The person that introduced us knew of my writing ability, and knew that Rebecca needed a voice to get her message across.  I took on the task of a quarterly newletter and correspondence to whatever government channels we could find.  All of the efforts back then to even get this thought into motion was a monumental effort.  It was a thankless task, but look what we have now; responsible citizens have the right to carry a weapon to defend themselves.


What is the real problem?

Where do we draw the line?  If you have anyone you care about, why do we even need to discuss it?  Sure, I feel horrible for all those children and their families from Sandy Hook, or the Aurora theater shootings, or Columbine, but what about those three women I mentioned above?  What if one of them were your daughter or wife?  And what would our society become if we didn’t have the ability to defend ourselves?  Are our prisons empty right now?  No they are not, in fact they are over flowing, which means that laws do not stop criminals from doing what they want to do.  Is taking away your right to protect yourself something you want to give up?

Watch this video, whether you are a hunter or not, in fact it has nothing to do with hunting.  It is about the basis of what our nation was founded upon.  I know it’s a bit long, 7 minutes, but it sends a very powerful message.  Click here to watch this powerful message.

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