The White River at Ducey’s Lodge

Flat Tops Trip Day 3

Before I get further into my post about my trip to the White River in Colorado in late July, just an update on the update I gave last night.  After countless hours I have made some progress in some significant areas.  Obviously I have fixed the problem for uploading pictures.  I have also made great strides on my products display, although there is still more to do there.

There are still a couple of issues with my products: first, when you view a product and click on the image, it takes you to the webpage of that image, which is on my server, instead of bringing that image up in a window box.  The result of that is when you click to close the image, you exit my website, which is not good.

The other issue is my pricing – I have uploaded over 4,500 products automatically, with a setting on the pricing that applies to all products.  It is going to take some time to adjust those prices to be competitive, so I ask that if you see a product you like and see a lower price somewhere else, please email me to see if I can match that price, I most likely can.  It will take me a while to get that part of this process ironed out, as well as to weed out products I don’t want to sell, but I’m working on it.

Finally, I am not very happy with the way the products are presented on my Products page, that is not what I had in mind at all when I went to this automated load.  But I am working on that too, but that issue may take a while, hopefully not too long.

With all of that said, let me get back to the story of my trip.  On the third day of my trip I took it easy a little bit, my left foot was still pretty sore, and I had a huge blister on it.  I slept late, made breakfast, and then fished the White River here by the cabin and did well.  Of course later in the day when I wanted to make a video of catching a fish I didn’t catch anything, but I will get a fish on video tomorrow.  All I have been catching are white fish, not rainbows or browns yet.  The white fish are fun to catch; they can be really tough to release though because they never calm down enough to make getting the hook out easy.  I have a good time no matter what I’m catching, or even if I’m not catching anything.  Click here to see a video of me wading out of the White River later that day.

I decided to go check out Avery Lake which is a few miles from here.  I didn’t go there to fish; I just wanted to see what it was like.  I had only been there once before a couple of years ago when the White River was completely unfishable because of the high runoff from snow.  It’s a nice lake nestled in sage brush-covered rolling hills with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Flat Tops.  It made me think of my good friend’s daughter of the same name, but I call her Little Pumpkin.  I saw a ton of fish hitting the top of the water at 1:30 in the afternoon, so I am going to go back there tomorrow in the afternoon and spin fish for some trout.


Avery Lake

After I left the lake I drove into Meeker so I could call Kyle, I really miss him.  He’s doing fine, and probably having a party at our house tonight, which is OK as long as he cleans up.  I got a few things while I was in town, then came back to Duceys and shot my bow for a while.  I am really pleased with my shooting and feeling very confident about it.  After that I went fishing for a while, hoping to get a catch on video as I mentioned above, but I missed the few strikes that I had, and I was hungry for dinner, so I called it a day.  I took a shower then made dinner, and then came out to the picnic table outside the cabin to write and enjoy the serenity.

I have taken so many trips alone, but this one seems kind of lonely without Kyle here.  I guess I should get used to that though; we just have so many memories together from spending time in this area, as I do with several other important people in my life.  But I’m not depressed about it or anything like that, I just find myself thinking about him a lot.  And as is usual for this area this time of year, the mosquitoes are getting their share of my blood, and they are being quite stealthy about it.  I’m not even seeing them, just finding the bites when they itch.

I’m looking forward to a full day of fishing tomorrow, and shooting my bow.  Click here to see a preview video of a fish I landed the next day.