Mule Deer in the Lodge at Ducey’s

Flat Tops Trip – Day 4

Just a quick update on my website before I write about day 4 of my trip to the Flat Tops.  I have discovered some other problems with my product import, but I hope to have that resolved early next week.  Right now you can see products, you just can’t buy them yet, what a pain!  But I’m close.

This morning I had good fishing in just a short time on the river by the cabin; I caught two nice white fish and a big rainbow, and I got them all on video.  In the first video below, at 37 seconds into the video you can see a fish flash in the water right by my fly, it’s pretty cool!  I didn’t fish long on the river as I wanted to try Avery Lake, so I headed there at 11:30.

Click on the links below to see some videos of fishing on the river:

Fly Fishing

White Fish

Rainbow Trout

After I got to the lake I hiked about a mile around the south west side to a spot that looked good, and I rigged my spinning rod with a Kastmaster.  I didn’t get any strikes, so I switched to a sinking Rapala minnow lure, and on my second cast I caught a nice rainbow trout, he was big, about 18 inches, and he fought hard.  As I was playing him in to shore I was trying to get my camera out of the back pack, but I couldn’t do both things at once, so no pictures of that nice fish, and the one that I caught right after him.  Two nice rainbows in less than five minutes that was sweet!  It was another good day of fishing up here, and it was a gorgeous day until some late day thunderstorms came in.  I left the lake just in time before a massive thunderstorm hit, with lightning and heavy rain.

I decided to drive into phone range to call Kyle, I sure miss him.  He is doing fine, and it was good to hear his voice.  I can’t believe how much I miss him on this trip, I have been thinking about him and all of our memories of these past trips up here.

I got back to Ducey’s just ahead of an incoming thunderstorm and decided to shoot my bow for a little bit and take some video of that.  The video came out good, and I was shooting very well.  Every shot was a kill shot out to 30 yards, and I was hitting direct bull’s eyes consistently.  The storm came in with lightning and I had to quit for the evening.  Click here to see a video of me shooting.

After I took a shower and made dinner, I went to the lodge building to watch the end of the Rockies game.  It is a cool building, full of wildlife mounts of deer, elk, bear, lynx, fox, and fish.  There is a large stone fireplace, a pool table, a ping pong table, and a shuffle board table.  Lots of cool pictures and other things and with large windows that open to the south side of the building with gorgeous views of the river and the mountains.  It was a nice experience to be there, especially since I was all alone in that gorgeous lodge.


Black Bear mount in the lodge building at Ducey’s White River Resort


A nice elk that Ducey got in 1961

I thought about how nice this place is, yet I could hardly find any information about it on the internet.  I guess they get return customers, but for this entire time I’ve been here I’ve been the only one, and they have 8 cabins.  I talked to Barbara, Ducey’s wife, about that, and I asked her if she ever thought of creating a website for this place, and she said no, she only has dial-up access to the internet.  I just thought how sad that is, that they have all these empty cabins, and they don’t even understand the power of being out there on the internet.  I am going to try to help them in that regard.

Another good day!