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August 26, 2013 – A Couple of Things

I seem to have risen from the ashes of my website inferno I have been living for the past month.  I finally got everything working, although I still have some refinements to make as time goes on, but at least things are to a point where I can shift my focus back to what I really want to be doing here and for my readers.

Speaking of my readers, as of this writing at 8:30 PM I have had over 14,150 people read my post from last night, that is amazing!  That is by far more than I have ever had, and after not being able to write for a full week, it was really a positive experience for me.  I am excited to write about more topics, especially as I prepare for my upcoming hunting trips.

One other accomplishment over the weekend is that I created a Twitter account on the advice from a marketing professional that I know.  I am still not sure what I will use it for, but she insisted that I do it.  In the process of setting that up somehow I sent invitations to apparently every single person I have ever known, so if you got an invitation to follow me on Twitter, that is why.  Sorry if it annoyed you.

I am excited about my products, and since I have over 5,000 now, I obviously have not reviewed every single product or the pricing, so if you see something you like and can find it for a lower price, please ask me what I can do. Since my products load every night in one big file, my pricing is currently set at a certain rate, so I have some flexibility.  I have a huge selection of knives and a wide variety of outdoor gear, it is very exciting!

Finally I want to give a plug for a new archery shop that I found Saturday morning.  I had been shooting very well lately, then at my last session my shooting was a little off and inconsistent.  I looked at my arrows and my whisker biscuit was kind of tearing up the fletchings (the vanes on an arrow that make the arrow spin in flight).  I figured this is what was causing my poor shooting and decided I needed a fall-away arrow rest like I was used to in the past.  Before going to the archery shop where I got my bow a few months ago, I decided to do a quick search on the internet and found a new archery shop less than 10 minutes from my house.  I called Quick Draw Archery and asked if they could help me with a new rest.  Chris was the guy I talked to, and he said “Sure, come on over!”

I found the shop easily, and when I went in Chris and his 14 year old daughter were eager to help me out.  I told Chris what was going on and that I thought I needed a new rest.  He said “Well let’s go over here and let me watch you shoot and see what’s going on.”  After about 30 minutes of helping me tune a few things on my bow, I was back to a tight grouping, even tighter than I have ever shot this bow before.  Chris was extremely friendly and helpful, we talked about the upcoming elk hunting season, shooting leagues at his shop, about his daughter (who is quite good with a bow), and various things.  It was a very pleasant experience.


Quick Draw Archery

When we were done I asked Chris what I owed him, and he said “Aww, nothing man!  This is how I get loyal customers.”  I told him that he just got a new one, and I will be taking my bow back there tomorrow as my peep site broke while I was shooting on Sunday.  I also plan on buying some new arrows from him, and maybe a new quiver so I can carry more than four arrows while I’m hunting.  I know, four should be enough, but if I go on an overnight hunt, I would feel better if I had six.

So if you are looking for a good archery shop, with a family atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an indoor range, check out Quick Draw Archery by clicking here.  It is conveniently located a mile south of C-470 and Santa Fe, so it is very accessible from all parts of Denver.  Tell them Bear sent you!

I just want to thank my loyal readers for your patience over the past month and for your incredible support.  While it was very painful for me, I am feeling much better about things now, and I will be out chasing elk and turkey in no time.