A Future Fly Fisherman!

Passing on our Outdoor Heritage to the Next Generation

There are a lot of things I like about running this website; sharing my knowledge, helping to educate people, and especially getting young people interested in the outdoors.  Yes, there is a lot of work involved, especially with the product side of things, but I find a lot of gratification with the other aspects of what I am doing here.  Today I experienced something I have not had the pleasure of experiencing before, and it was pretty special.

A couple of weeks ago I got a message on my Facebook page from Dustin Sanders from Youth Hunters of Jennings County.  This is a volunteer group that is trying to get youths of that area in North Vernon, Indiana into hunting and the outdoors.  A quote from an article on the PlainDealer.Sun.com from Dustin Sanders, one of the organizers of this group: “This is a volunteer group that wants to show the youth of our community how to hunt and enjoy the outdoors, from scouting to harvesting an animal and then how to clean it,” said Sanders.  “We are looking for kids who would want to give this a try. We are also looking for responsible guides and other adults who can volunteer their time and knowledge. And we welcome anyone who wants to be a sponsor or donate.”  In his message to me Dustin was asking if I could help out the budding organization, with the youth deer season coming on September 28th and 29th.

While I would love to donate my time, going to Indiana later this month is not an option as I am leaving in two days to go archery elk hunting in Colorado.  I thought about what I could do to help them, and while their main focus is hunting, I asked Dustin if some fishing gear would be something of interest.  He said “Sounds great!”


Dustin and his kids opening the box

So last week I went shopping for some fishing gear aimed at getting young kids started in the sport.  It was a lot of fun to pick out things with young kids in mind, and I ended up getting three spinning rods with line and reels, a fly fishing combo set, lures, hooks, Power Bait, sinkers, swivels, bobbers, everything they would need to get started fishing.  I packed that all up in a box and sent it to Dustin last week with a short letter wishing the organization well.

Today they received that package and shared some photos with me.  Seeing Dustin with his two young kids opening this box gave me a deep feeling that I am helping someone, while also driving forward my goal to get young kids into the outdoors.  It was very touching to me, and I thank Dustin, his wife Kyla, and Youth Hunters of Jennings County for the opportunity to help.  Kyla took some pictures which you see in this post.


Dustin and kids with fishing gear

If you have a chance, check out their Facebook page by clicking here Youth Hunters of Jennings County.  And if you are inclined to help out a good organization, you can contact Dustin at 812-767-1722 or captain8104@hotmail.com.  What Dustin and Kyla are doing is what many more of us need to be doing; we need to ensure our hunting, fishing, and outdoor heritage carries on to those generations to come.  Thank you Dustin and Kyla, and best of luck to the Youth Hunters of Jennings County!