The Cost of Freedom is Not Free

Remembering Our Troops During the Holidays

Veteran’s Day was last month, and I wrote an article about that, which you can read by clicking here.  Pearl Harbor Day was last Saturday, remembering an infamous day 72 years ago when our great country was attacked, pushing us into World War II.  And here we are heading into the holidays, still at war in 2013, although with another foe this time, for the past 12 years.  There’s an old saying, “war is hell,” and it is.  Sometimes we forget how true that is, until we hear about stories such as this.

As a member of Rocky Mountain Roosters, we are a close-knit community of people who have like interests and like minds.  It is no surprise then that we are strong supporters of our troops, wherever they are.  And when one pays the ultimate sacrifice for you and me, and everyone else in our great country, we take notice and remember that brave soldier.

One of our family, SFC Forrest Robertson, was killed in Afghanistan on November 3rd, and this is the poem that his 14 year old daughter wrote:

Army Brat

By: Kristie Lynn Smith

I am an army brat

I cry but, stay strong

My dad trained until midnight,

and put the

mission first,

never quit, and he never accepted defeat!

He marched through the storm,

and drove his men to victory!

I am tough just like he was.

I stand up for what I believe in,

just like my dad stood for his country!

He was always ready to deploy and

my family was always counting days

He guarded and protected our freedom!

It is because of men and women like him we have this gift of freedom!

My dad was a hero

He was strong, He was brave.

I am proud that I can say,

“My dad was a soldier and he died a hero,

I am his army brat”.

So when you are settling in to enjoy the holidays with your family this Christmas, remember those who have sacrificed for us to be able to do that with the freedom that we enjoy.  It’s easy to forget when we are in the comfort of our homes that there are men and women out there every day protecting our right to do what we please.  And yet there are a lot of girls like Kristie who won’t have their father home this Christmas, or ever again.

As a veteran I ask my readers to perpetuate the respect that our soldiers deserve, no matter what they do as they serve our country.  Click this link to watch a powerful performance by Tim McGraw honoring our armed forces.  It’s kind of long, but there is a very special ending to the song that you have to see.

Remember, freedom isn’t free, and God Bless America.