Kyle and Jake at Marvine Camp

My First eBook: Camping Tips

I have been writing for a very long time; about my adventures, about tips for my readers, about advice on things from shot shell selection to how to deal with a teenage boy.  Over the years I have compiled a lot of material, and as I stated in my goals for this year in this article, I am going to publish my writing.  I decided to start with eBooks as that is the most efficient way to get published these days, and I decided to publish one chapter at a time rather than wait to complete the entire book, which could take me another year to reformat all that I have written into the proper format for eBooks.  I have learned a lot about e-publishing in the past week, and I am not real happy with what I have ended up with, but it is something.  I decided to go with what I have now, while I continue to learn from this experience.  I have over 250 pages of written material to share with you, so I need to start with something.

What I decided to do is break my book down into chapters, and I will release each chapter as an eBook once it is done.  I finished my first chapter; Camping Tips from Bear Miller Outdoors, and it is now available on, you can get that book for $2.99 by clicking here.  I decided to go this route with Amazon because they hold 65% of the market for eBooks, while realizing that there are certain restrictions associated with this decision.

First of all, I can only make my book available to Amazon and their Kindle format for the first 90 days of publication.  This is confusing to me because Amazon offers a free method to view my book without having a Kindle, so I am not sure why they put those restrictions on me.  I don’t have a Kindle, and I purchased my book tonight and read it on a Microsoft PC without having to install anything.  I will admit that the formatting was not great, and this is the biggest challenge of eBooks.

The point is that you don’t have to have a Kindle to read my book.  In fact you can create a free account with Amazon (they won’t spam you with emails), and you can read any eBook on any device from that account, it is called “Cloud Reading,” meaning that you can read whatever is in your library from any device, like a PC, an iPad, or a smart phone at any time.


Spring Camping in the Mountains

I had to remove all of the pictures from my book to get it to load correctly and be available as an eBook, but I will figure that out for future books.  I learned a lot in the past few days about how to get my work into an eBook format, and future books will have pictures and illustrations.  I decided to go ahead and publish this first book as it is, without the pictures and illustrations, knowing that it is not the best product that I will provide.  But as with survival situations, I had to do something.  I was not going to be defeated, I had to put something out there for my readers to see, and I was not going to be defeated by the process.

Seriously, for God’s sake the writing and creativity are what take the effort, but I never imagined it would be so difficult to publish a book, even a chapter!  But I learned a lot in this process, and future eBooks will be of better quality than this one, I promise.  I just had to get one out there though, knowing well that the quality is not what I want it to be.  I believe the writing and content are great, but the presentation is not what I want it to be.  But I have to start somewhere, and it feels good to have at least taken that first step.


Camp Fire on a Mountain Camping Trip

I hope you all like the first of many books to come.  I have so much material in the pipeline, as well as some fiction to come in the future.  I have a wealth of writing to share with you, I hope you enjoy it!

3 Responses to “My First eBook: Camping Tips”

  1. Larry DeRemus

    I pride myself on having been through many survival situations. But I downloaded the Kindle book so I can have it for a reference for the future. I learned a lot from reading it and will reread it again. That is a nice thing about the Kindle. It is always there. In spite of my 75 plus years of doing things I learned a lot from your first eBook. You think you know it all but then you learn you can always learn something new. And I learned a lot new from your eBook. Keep them coming…was well worth the $2.99.