A Reason to Get Out in the Wilderness

Hunting Survival Tips

It’s that time of year when we get out to hunt!  Getting out into the wilderness!  Maybe even for some fall fishing in the mountains for the spawning brown trout.  September marks the beginning of many months of time in the outdoors for sportsmen and women. Tonight I am not going to write a lot about that, I have some articles in the queue about these topics, but tonight I want to point out some new things on my site, and some more things to come.

While I have been working on my writing for the past two years, I am also working on optimizing my site to generate interest in my cause (wildlife conservation, getting youths into the outdoors, etc.), It’s a very complicated thing to get people to find this web page, and I encourage you to share this with anyone and everyone you know.  Very few people search the internet for “Bear Miller Outdoors,” they search for topics and products.  In order for me to be seen by potential readers, I have done a lot of work to optimize my site for “Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,” which means that I do research on key words that people are searching for, on a daily basis.  It’s a lot of work, but well worth it if I can gain new readers.

While I continue to do the SEO work, I have also added a new feature of videos on the right side bar which show various videos of topics related to my site.  These videos are very informative, and I will continue to look for new content in this area, as well as create my own content.  The current videos I have there are specifically about survival techniques that will be valuable for any hunter or fisherman heading into the wilderness this fall.  I will continue to refine this video bar with topics that are relevant to the season.

While I’m on that topic, I can’t stress enough the importance to be prepared when you head out on your hunting or fishing trip.  As I always say, the first rule of survival is to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.  I generally allow an extra day before I say “If I’m not home on this day, come looking for me.”  That allows for the extra time it may take to pack out an elk before I get anyone worried.  But knowing that someone will come looking for you on a certain day is the light at the end of the survival tunnel if you are stranded somewhere needing help.  That extra day really sucks if you break a leg on your first day, but still, you know when help is on the way.


Survival Gear

Secondly, always have at least the minimal things you will need to survive in the wild; food, water, shelter, and the ability to start a fire.  All of these things can be carried in your day pack with a minimal amount of weight and space.  I gave a list of these items in a previous article about hunting packs which you can read by clicking here.

I am going to stop there on the survival tips part of this discussion as there is much more to write about, and I said I wouldn’t do that tonight.  But I want to point out a couple of other features on my website that are coming; I will be providing direct links to Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops, as long as they approve me as an affiliate.  What that means is that I will be able to direct you instantly to their sites for products that I review or recommend, such as the pair of binoculars that I recently purchased and will write about in the near future.  What this does for me is that if you go to Cabelas, or Bass Pro Shops, or Amazon through the links on my page, I make about 3 cents.  But if I get 120,000 people who do that, then I can make enough money to finance my next hunting trip, thereby giving me more adventures to write about for you, my readers.

I have to say that 120,000 people is a very lofty goal; my biggest readership was a little over 60,000 in one day.  But I am hoping that the work I am doing with my website is going to increase my followers, and that will take some time.  Seriously, I am not in this for the money; this website costs me more in operating expenses and time than I will ever make back, but my mission is to reach people and get them interested in my causes – wildlife conservation and getting young people into the outdoors, that’s what I really want to accomplish.

Isis' 1st birthday

Isis’ 1st Birthday!

Last Friday I was at the birthday party for my Grand Daughter, Isis, her first.  I want her to have the wild places to enjoy that we have today, and wild places are dwindling every minute of every day.  I want Isis, and everyone in her generation, to have the opportunity to experience the wildlife, the beautiful places, and the wilderness experiences that I have enjoyed in my life.  It all starts with awareness, and hunters and fishermen, and the desire by people like me to want to ensure that our future generations have at least a piece of what we have today.

So I was kind of all over the board with this post, I apologize for that, I can’t bridle the passion I have for our wilderness, and what it means for future generations.