My Elk Hunting Gear

Elk Hunting in Colorado

I’m back from my elk hunting trip in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Colorado Mountains.  I didn’t harvest an elk, but it was a great experience!  I have a lot more to write about this, as well as a ton of video to edit, so I will be writing in more detail about this adventure in the coming days. But I wanted to get something published tonight; I have had a lot of readers asking about the trip, and it is going to take me a few days to really put together a good story about this elk hunting and fishing expedition, it was truly amazing!

In this post I have a few pictures, and a couple of videos; one of an amazing sequence of Rich and me calling in a bull, but we couldn’t get him to come out into the open for a shot.  In this video you can see by clicking here we called this bull in to about 20 yards away on a very steep mountain side. In the video you can see a small shelf of land just above me, and that is where the bull came to before he got spooked and took off.  That mountain side was so steep, you can see me using my hand a few times just to balance myself as I walked up the mountain.  It was an incredible experience!  I cut this video to a minute and a half to capture the most exciting moment, there will be more video to come.

The trip was pretty rough on my back, it has only been six months since I had a major lumbar fusion surgery, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do, especially after a three hour horse back ride to camp over some very tough terrain and high elevations.  The first couple of days were pretty miserable, but after a few days I was able to traverse some very steep, thickly-wooded mountains, and I did much better than I thought I would be able to.

The horse back riding was hard, especially up and down the steep trails, and the last day was a killer, but I made it.  Click here to see a VIRB Picturevideo of us riding out from camp through a dense forest on an easy trail.  It was a great excursion, even though I didn’t bring home an elk.  The fishing on the White River was excellent on the second half of our journey, and it was just an incredible time to spend with my best friend Rich.  As mentioned, there will be more to come about this trip, but here are some pictures to tell part of the story.