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I know I have not finished telling the story of my Colorado deer hunting trip last week, but aside from the days I spent hunting, I have been incredibly busy working on my website.  So I owe my readers the rest of that story, which I promise will come very soon.  But tonight I wanted to give you all a quick update on something very exciting that happened for me over the past few days, and you can probably guess by the Cabela’s logo you are seeing on my page.  Yes, I am now a Cabela’s affiliate marketer!

What that means to you is that you can do your shopping at the world’s foremost outfitter from right here on my site, and please do come here first when you are looking for outdoor items for hunting, fishing, survival, etc.  What this means to me is that I will review Cabela’s products (which I use almost exclusively) and provide good insight to you, as well as provide valuable information to Cabela’s.  In return Cabela’s pays me a small commission if you buy anything at Cabela’s if you go through my website.  But more importantly it is a step closer for me to become an official field-tester of Cabela’s gear, which would be a dream job for me, and give me much more opportunities to write good material for my readers.  This is a very exciting thing for Bear Miller Outdoors!

I don’t want you to think that I am going to turn into a salesman though, that is not the person I am.  It just means that I am more inclined to go into more detail about the gear that I use and inform you about it, whether positive or negative.  For example, last week I was deer hunting in some of the most miserable conditions imaginable; single digit temperatures, high wind, and snow.  When I write about that now I will tell you the specific details about the products that kept me warm and able to hunt in those conditions, whereas before becoming a Cabela’s affiliate I would not have focused on those details.  In this particular example, I am extremely excited to talk about what kept me warm because I had some great Cabela’s gear on that trip that I used for the first time, and I was amazed with the results.

Asher with his fishing gear donated from Bear Miller Outdoors

Asher with his fishing gear donated from Bear Miller Outdoors

But be assured that my writing is not going to turn solely towards reviewing Cabela’s gear, that is not the mission of what Bear Miller Outdoors is all about.  My mission is to share my knowledge, my experiences, and my thoughts in order to bring current and future generations into the world of the outdoors and preserve the wildlife and wild places where they live.  My mission is not all about hunting, fishing, or survival skills, although those are prevalent topics, but rather about our wilderness in general, our state of mind, our human rights, and the condition of our society.  So you will see some differences in my writing, but not much.  I am not going to stray away from what I have been working on for the past three years simply because I am a Cabela’s affiliate now, I promise you that.

2 Responses to “Cabela’s Sporting Goods”

  1. Bradley Cook

    /I would like to keep in touch. I have bought a lot from Cabelas and love to go to their stores. Our closet store is in Hamburg Pa. We are in Va. Iam planning a bear hunt in Maine next year. What is the chance Cabelas will donate me a rifle to field test.

    • Bear Miller

      Hi Bradley,

      Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy the content and do your Cabela’s shopping through my site. Becoming a Cabela’s field tester is not an easy thing to do. According to Michael Prospero at Fast Company magazine, Cabela’s doesn’t rely on independently contracted field testers. Instead, it allows its employees and a few select customers to borrow equipment in exchange for copious feedback. To become a Cabela’s field tester, you’ll have to cross a few hurdles before signing out top-of-the-line equipment for your next three-day hike in the Rockies. A little bit of research on the web might lead you to a field testing position of some kind, I would try working directly with the manufacturer of the gun you want to try out. I have been working on this website for three years, and I am hoping to build my reputation with Cabela’s so that some day I can be a field tester for them. I hope that helps.