veterans day

My Official US Air Force Basic Training Photo

Memorial Day

Every year at this time I like to make sure to remind my readers of the importance of military veterans and how we should respect them  After all, Monday is not just a day off of work, it is a day to remember and be thankful to our military veterans, it is called Memorial Day for a reason.

Until I served in the Air Force for seven years I had no idea what commitment it takes from people to serve in our armed forces, it’s not easy to say the least.  But to think of the men and women who are engaged in combat, and the families of those people, that brings a whole new element of intensity to their commitment.

I don’t often ask my readers to watch a video unrelated to hunting or fishing, but if you have 4:23 minutes, please watch this video by clicking here. While you have the freedom to watch the video, or choose not to watch it, that freedom is given to you by the people in this video; it is a pretty amazing story.

As you enjoy the holiday weekend, try to find a way to thank a veteran.  If you know one, simply thank them, it means a lot.  If you see a man or woman in uniform, thank them for their service. Don’t be shy about it, just walk up to them and say “Thank you for your service to our country.”  It is very rare these days to see a veteran of World War II, this would be a person in their 90’s by now, and they often wear hats that say “WW-II Vet”.  If you see one of these people, buy them a meal or a tank of gas.  At the very least, open a door for them, they deserve your respect.

As we all enjoy our daily freedoms, we often take for granted that there are Americans fighting and dying for our freedoms every day, take a moment to think about those people, past and present, on Memorial Day.