How To Get Your Concealed Handgun Permit  As promised, here is the next article from Megan Azzolina on how to get your concealed carry permit, here’s Megan:

Okay, so I totally get that it might seem like an intimidating process to obtain your CCW permit, but I’m here to tell you how quick and easy it is! After this, my friends, no more excuses as to why you haven’t gotten it yet. Honestly, I can’t tell you how much being able to carry has impacted my life for the positive. Some might say I’m overly paranoid, but in today’s society I recognize that I am always vulnerable, especially being a petite woman, and like I said earlier, I refuse to be a sitting duck when I have the right and ability to protect myself. Having my Tiffany Blue .9MM Kahr with me at all times gives me a huge sense of security walking through my parking garage at night, making quick trips to the grocery store, staying alone at my apartment, etc.

Tiffany Blue .9MM Kahr

Tiffany Blue .9MM Kahr

So here it goes, the skinny on how to get your permit.

First, you will need to take a concealed carry class. Some are offered online but I definitely recommend taking the full course in person, you will get SO much more out of it. This course is extremely beneficial not only for basic handgun safety but also the legal/moral obligations you incur as a gun owner. Courses are only about a day long AND you’ll get to do some shooting at the end. FYI, I’ve seen a ton of great classes offered on Groupon, so check there first!  Be sure to find a class that will provide weapons for the training as you may not be ready to select a gun until you have taken the class.  Remember, the class is not simply a gun safety class, it is specifically for your concealed carry permit required by the government.

Next, take your certificate you were awarded at the class, along with a check or cash for $65 (could differ depending on counties) to the courthouse. Before you go, print and fill out the application for your hand gun permit, it’ll save you time! While you’re there, you’ll be fingerprinted. Be sure to check what times are available because I know for me the hours were limited to 10am-3:30pm. It typically takes 30-45 days to process the application and then you will be notified by a clerk if you get approved. From there, you’ll make one last trip to the courthouse (look pretty) to obtain your official picture ID.

cc permitWham, super easy and now you are able to keep a pistol with you and protect yourself! In my next article, I will talk about which guns I suggest for beginners to carry and how to effectively carry your weapon.

Below are some basic requirements to get your ID. I took my class when I was 20, so when I turned 21 I was able to go straight to the courthouse and apply!


Requirements in Colorado:
1. Colorado resident
2. Age 21 or older
3. Not precluded by state or federal law from owning or possessing a firearm (e.g. felony conviction, mentally incompetent)
4. Does not chronically or habitually abuse alcohol
5. Is not an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances
6. Is not the subject of a civil or criminal restraining order
7. Complete background check, including fingerprint verification by FBI/CBI
8. Demonstrates competence with a handgun by one of the following means:
a. evidence of experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competitions or current military service
b. certified firearms instructor
c. honorable discharge from the Armed Forces within past three years
d. proof of pistol qualification in Armed Forces within past ten years, if discharged
e. retired law enforcement with pistol qualification within past ten years
f. proof of completion of a handgun training class within the past ten years