orlando-mass-shootingOrlando Shootings  The tragedy in Orlando is horrible, and I feel bad for all of the people affected by the inexcusable action of a single person.  Whether this guy is associated with ISIS or not, it doesn’t matter.  Of course ISIS is going to claim that they were involved just to get Americans to hate them even more.  And of course Obama is going to bring up the fact of how easy it is to get a gun in America and go out and shoot people, just like he has said during the 15 mass shootings that happened during his presidency.

But what would have happened on that night in Orlando if everyone, or a fraction of the people in that night club were properly trained and carrying a weapon of their own?  I saw one witness say that the shooting went on for eight minutes.  How long would that have happened if people were armed to defend themselves?  It annoys me that the news reporters focus on the fact that this guy bought his guns legally, yet don’t say anything about how the victims could have defended themselves, legally.

Yeah, it really sucks when a mass shooting like this occurs, but what is the real problem?  Is it really the fact that a person can buy guns legally and shoot people, or is it the fact that we don’t defend ourselves?  Every person in this country has the right to defend them self, but why don’t we all take that right a little more seriously?  Instead we choose to be victims and think that our country is going to shit because of the few people that go on these rampages.  And to make it worse, our President makes it sound like the problem is because we have the right to own firearms.  Do you remember how our country was formed?  It was by resisting a government that wanted to disarm us, and we fought for our freedom, with firearms.

Of course things are different today, but the same principal applies; we all have the right to defend ourselves, and in addition to our military, that is the one thing that makes this country a formidable and undefeatable force.  We have 13 million hunters in the USA, that’s quite an army, an army of people who stand behind our constitution.

The only rights you have in this world are the ones you should be willing to fight for, agreed?  What are you willing to fight for?  Are you willing to stand behind all of the men and women who have died to preserve the life you have today?  How do you fight an enemy?  Why weren’t there people in that night club who could have stopped the massive destruction of human life?  Is disarming our public really the way to stop this type of violence?  Would a potential mass murderer feel confident going into any venue knowing that everyone else in that venue had a gun?  I don’t think so.

While I’m very sad about what happened in Orlando, we can’t let that event change how we feel about gun rights.  In fact we should use that example as a reason for why more people should be able to defend themselves.  An eight minute shooting spree could have been stopped in 10 seconds by an armed citizen.