Spring Nebraska Turkey

Spring Turkey Hunt 2017  

I have a longer, more in-depth story to write about my Nebraska turkey hunt this spring, but I am waiting on some video and pictures to put in the story.  For now, I want to at least let my readers know that my turkey hunt last month with Birds and Bucks (www.birdsandbucksoutdoors.com) was a great hunt, as it has been for three consecutive years now.  My guide Joe Addy was incredible!  It was great getting to know Joe, and he was the best guide I have ever had, whether fishing or hunting.  I have a lot more to say about Joe in my full story, he’s an incredible guy!

While I have a full story to publish about this hunt, it is now almost a month since it happened, and readers are asking how my hunt went, so I felt compelled to publish something.  I think the picture tells it all, but there is a great deal more to the story.  Hopefully I will get the video and pictures to complete the story, but for now I will at least share this picture.